Ramon Medina

Compliance and Investigations

School Fiscal Operations Specialist & Technical Advisor

Mr. Medina joined Schulman, Lopez, Hoffer & Adelstein, LLP, in January 2012 as a non-attorney Legal Investigator*. Ramon came to the Firm from the Texas Education Agency (TEA), where for the last 12 years he worked at the TEA directing, managing and supervising the audit, investigative, review and other monitoring activities over regional education service centers (ESCs), open-enrollment charter schools (OECS), school districts and Federal and state grant programs. During his tenure at the TEA, Mr. Medina conducted compliance, financial and performance audits of public schools, and he reviewed the annual financial and compliance reports filed by ESCs, OECS, independent school districts (ISDs), and nonprofit grantees. Mr. Medina oversaw the State Compensatory Education program. He is also an author and developer of various modules of the TEA’s Financial Accountability Systems Resource Guide. Mr. Medina provided business advisory services to public school officials and administrators, presented information regarding OECS issues and regulatory requirements to the State Board of Education, the Commissioner’s Charter School Cabinet and TEA executive management, conducted presentations for the benefit of public school officials and administrators, independent auditors and TEA staff at various regional and statewide conferences and other forums and testified in administrative hearings, judicial proceedings, informal reviews and record reviews.

After receiving a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and a Master in Professional Accounting with a concentration in Auditing and Financial Reporting, Mr. Medina began his professional career with Arthur Andersen & Company in Houston, Texas. He subsequently went to work for the University Lands Accounting Office at The University of Texas Systems conducting accounting and audit work pertaining to entities with oil, gas and other leases on Permanent University Fund lands. For the last 12 years, Mr. Medina worked at the TEA directing, managing and supervising the audit, investigative, review and other monitoring activities over the Texas public school system and Federal and state grant programs. In July 2011, Mr. Medina started his own school business advisory service, Fenix Subiendo, L.L.C., before commencing his employment with Schulman, Lopez, Hoffer & Adelstein, LLP as Legal Investigator.

Mr. Medina is knowledgeable of various financial and operational functions, practices of governmental entities and nonprofit organizations and federal and state legal compliance requirements. He assists the Firm’s attorneys and clients in compliance and programmatic reviews, responding to administrative agency audits, actions and investigations and litigation before administrative agencies and state and federal courts.

* Mr. Ramon Medina is not licensed by the State Bar of Texas. He is a non-attorney Legal Investigator working under the supervision and direction of the firm’s attorneys.