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Public Charter Schools

Serving Texas & Louisiana charter schools.

Attorney Joseph E. “Joe” Hoffer leads the Firm’s Texas and national charter school practice. Joe Hoffer has represented Texas charter schools for his entire legal career. Dana Henry, Senior Counsel, supervises the Firm’s Louisiana law practice which continues to serve Louisiana charter schools. The Firm’s partners actively represent over one hundred of Texas and Louisiana’s most distinguished charter holders, open-enrollment charter schools and charter management companies.

The Firm’s charter school practice is diverse and covers these complex legal areas:

  • Charter School Bond Counsel and Public Finance
  • Charter School Employment Law
  • Charter School Governance
  • TEA Compliance and Appeals
  • Non Profit Law
  • Construction and Real Estate
  • Business Services – Including Procurement, Contract Drafting and Review
  • Student Discipline Issues and Student Rights
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Compliance
  • Special Education and Section 504 Law, Mediations, Due Process Hearings, Federal Court Litigation and Federal Appeals
  • State and Federal Civil Litigation
  • General Liability and Claims for Damages Representation
  • Administrative Grievances and Hearings (Staff, Parents, Student, Public)
  • Policy Development
  • Elections, Voting Rights and Ethics
  • Open-meetings, Open Records, and Freedom of Information Act
  • Civil Rights Litigation and Constitutional Claims

We are capable advisors for all aspects of charter school operations from start-up to on-going operations, to appealing Texas Education Agency sanctions, enforcement actions, audits, nonrenewal, revocation and other actions.

Our attorneys are on the cutting edge of Texas and Louisiana charter school law representing and advising charter schools involved in the leading cases (federal, state and administrative) impacting Texas open-enrollment charter schools. The Firm’s attorneys are frequent presenters and trainers for the Texas and Louisiana Charter School Associations and the national charter movement. We also work with many of the Education Service Centers in Texas to provide services and training specific to charter schools.

We know and understand the business and legal needs of Texas and Louisiana charter schools. We have the knowledge and resources to provide our charter school clients with accurate and timely legal advice. We have the ability to vigorously defend our charter school clients in all arenas.