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B. Schulman

Robert A. Schulman, Retired Partner

Robert “Bob” Schulman is a retired partner of the Firm. He advised and defended public schools and local government for over 40 years. Mr. Schulman advised and represented charter schools, private schools, public school districts and other public, private and nonprofit entities across Texas. Prior to forming Schulman, Lopez & Hoffer, LLP, Mr. Schulman was … Continue reading Robert A. Schulman, Retired Partner

R. Lopez

Ricardo R. Lopez, Partner

Ricardo “Rick” Lopez’s practice focuses on all areas of school law and litigation. Mr. Lopez has defended numerous school districts, charter schools, other governmental entities and private employers from claims under state and federal constitutional claims, Title VII, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Family Medical Leave Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the … Continue reading Ricardo R. Lopez, Partner

J. Hoffer

Joseph E. Hoffer, Managing Partner

Joseph “Joe” Hoffer’s practice focuses on the representation of Texas public schools, private schools, non profit corporations, economic development corporations and other local public entities. Mr. Hoffer’s practice areas include: (1) civil litigation; (2) labor and employment; (3) board governance including due process hearings and grievances, open meetings act and public information act; (4) business … Continue reading Joseph E. Hoffer, Managing Partner

J. Adelstein

Jason M. Adelstein, Partner

Jason Adelstein represents sophisticated public, private and institutional parties in the negotiation, acquisition, development, leasing, financing, operation and purchase/sale of all types of commercial properties, including educational, retail, industrial, office and public use. Mr. Adelstein also represents surface owners, mineral owners and operators as to the needs and concerns related to resource exploration and conservation, which … Continue reading Jason M. Adelstein, Partner

Janet Vaughan Robertson, Partner

Janet Vaughan Robertson’s practices focuses on the public finance arena and she is a highly respected bond counsel, underwriter counsel, credit bank counsel, borrower counsel, issuer counsel and trustee counsel in connection with multi-million dollar municipal and conduit bond issues for school districts, charter schools, private schools and local government. Ms. Robertson’s bond counsel and … Continue reading Janet Vaughan Robertson, Partner

Denise Nance Pierce, Partner

Denise Nance Pierce is a seasoned school law attorney who has served public schools with excellence for 20 years. Pierce has been at the center of the development of Texas charter law and regulation and is committed to the value of quality public education. She operated her solo practice, The Law Office of Denise Nance Pierce, P.C. … Continue reading Denise Nance Pierce, Partner

A. Keller

Allen M. Keller, Partner

Mr. Keller’s practice includes the representation of school districts, charter schools and other public and private sector employers in all areas, including labor, employment civil rights matters and special education matters. Mr. Keller calls on his experience as a Briefing Attorney with the Fourteenth Court of Appeals in Houston, Texas (2009-2010) in his representation of … Continue reading Allen M. Keller, Partner

B Dahlberg

Bryan P. Dahlberg, Partner

Mr. Dahlberg’s practice includes representation of school districts, charter schools, other public entities and nonprofits in all areas including civil litigation, employment discrimination and retaliation, governmental immunity, real estate transactions and construction services procurement. Education University of Texas (B.A. 2005); University of Houston Law Center (J.D. 2008). Affiliations Mr. Dahlberg was licensed in 2008, and … Continue reading Bryan P. Dahlberg, Partner

Chris Schulz

Christopher Schulz, Partner

Christopher Schulz joined Schulman, Lopez, Hoffer & Adelstein, LLP, in August 2015. Mr. Schulz’s practice includes the representation of school districts, charter schools and other public and private entities in all areas, including board representation, special education matters under the IDEA, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, FERPA, the Texas Public Information Act and administrative … Continue reading Christopher Schulz, Partner